It has been reported that Unionr users are getting sms alert to consume their balance and shift their existing mobile number via Mobile number portability to other networks . This has created an havvoc among the users who are now desperate to get their number switched to other networks.
 The normal procedure is you send your mobile number to 1900 they send a confirmation message with the port number within a hour You fill the KYC and MNP form at the operator you choose they take a small amount for issue of new blank sim.
Then normally withint 7 days hitghest your number is switched and you get a welcome sms on new sim and old sim is unregistered from network i.e no longer work. Actual switch takes 1 hours. No balance is transfered nor any schemes
The good part is not every circle affected so there is reason to cheer to. While call rates and tariff to be raised by 100 percent only 25 percent is seen on, operators are cutting populer plans free online tariffs and reducing tariff validity anything and everything to recover the loss according to them. But the question when they have not paid what they have paid now and saved that amount in crores of rupees and accumulated a bussiness and goodwill why they are panting they got a three year start up bonus and now they have pocketed their profit why this fuss you tell me


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