Top 5 or 10 alternatives to Google play or Android Market If you are looking for Google play alternatives look no further All location and links at one place just click enjoy come back click and enjoy do share it with your friends.Not every one is happy with what they get they want more and the way to store them somewhere in case you need backup you know where to find the apk
On the top

  • Papktop= this is one of my favourite I can store the app directly without bothering to install them again if my android fails. They now introduced new system you have to enter email where they send the download link to use and download the file not all links work
  • -= Home his app requires you to install their SAM app to make it work for you, not very exclusive but you would still find most popular content in their catagory.
  • safe google play alternative
  • Amazon app store mostly filled with paid application and low free apps but every thing is top notch
  • Appbrain= This is a app puller from Google play you would find app from everywhere they store on their own and also redirects on other sites
  • a better way to search and download apps,sites in french thanks to google translate i was able to sign up with openid
  • appZOOM=  A  mixuture of blog and apps movers and fallers like a chart should check them out too
  • Get jar this is around for long they have apps on their own as well from google play
  • now full of ads but have good contents as well but watch out for adfilled premium games
  • download create have fun
  • have plenty of premium apps
  • butterscoth they have lot of app on thier site 
  • camangi market is another alternative to google play
  • App library the best I have ever met
  • Itunes stores India= Mostly paid apps but good ones value for money you can say
  • Handstarter good way to distribute your stuff and get apps too
  • Phoload= a variety of apps at one place can be a good source as google play or android market alternative
  • they have joined the group to cater android apps along with computer software
  • visit their mobile site with your android and android and get lot apps they also cater software for various platforms on pc
  • Appsfire around 7.2 million apps at your dispose just check it out
  • more on android apps


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