Idea changes its popular std pack again
Three times in a 60 days period, the existing 30 paise to 35 conversion for std plans were not suffice for the telecom operators they want to get out more juice out of customer so they have decided to raise the local call rates too,, the catch is the calls to other mobile calls are now at 40 paise per minute while the own network calls which should be paractically free for them has been remained at 30 paise per minute.
Vodafone changes their 33 plan which now offers only 40 paise per minute on std and 30 paise for locals with a validity of 30 days instead of 30 all before
Vodafone also announce new roam free plan which now offer no roam free but offer 70 paise per minute both ways callsThis move would diminiss the value of Rs 33 packs in idea and vodafone, as the average call rates are near about 40 paise per minute for all call. We all knew that now every body is on the same network, it is not the question of being of same network but the availability of network signal in remoter areas. Now a days cities do suffer from the such trendz. So looking for a cheaper network is not always a wise idea. Afterall if there is no network how would be benefited from the lower call rates, again there is also question is there is too much breakup i.e call drops in between you talk it also destroys the fun of calling and raise the frustration of caller.


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