Followed by base infrastructure provider bsnl the govt entity now every one is dumping the 2g plans or making it sound more sensible choosing the 3g instead. Some even offering free under cap data which is 2g infact after 3g quta is consumed  free off cost ...ahem atleast for now .
Thus offering more sense taking up 3g. Relience offering half the gprs pack so is airtel when you get 3g speed  of 500 kbps max at 125/- and 650mb you should not be surprised. The competition has made it possible.
Aircel had allready made major changes in 3g cum2g pack like 128 by reducing validity to 28 days. Practically days of 98 pack is over inless you want half of it.
In future you like it or not you would be shelling out 150/- for 1 Gb pack. While unlimited after 499/- INR..... Be prepared with your purse.
Update Idea vodafone Aircel all joined to cut 2g packs to make you pay more


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